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Earl Weaver or Joe Maddon?

Which of those managers said the following quotes?

“Don’t be afraid to ask knowledgeable people for their opinions. No one person sees or knows everything.”

“The key is staying loose. We had some fun with this stuff, and it took the pressure off. I don’t know if these things ever helped us, but they never hurt. Sure, they’re kind of silly, but they can keep you loose.”

“These guys were making a lot of money and had talent, but salary has nothing to do with it when the batter goes to home plate. I like those Yankee hitters, but my bench was just as productive.”

“No matter how convinced the stats are, no platoon arrangement’s going to work if the players can’t accept their roles. “

Answers after the jump.

Believe it or not, each of those quotes are attributed to the legendary Baltimore Orioles’ skipper in his book Weaver on Strategy. The men might differ in how they react to umpires, but there’s some common rhetoric and thought processes shared there.

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  1. buddaley wrote:

    Love it! No wonder I like Maddon so much. I always liked Weaver too.

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