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Enny Romero Promoted

Jason Collette hinted at it earlier, and now it’s official: Enny Romero will start Sunday.

Romero, 22, spent most of the year at Montgomery until he moved to Durham for a start (in which he threw eight scoreless) and a postseason appearance. The book on Romero is straightforward: He’s got a big arm, a big fastball, and a nasty breaking ball, but lacks feel for the craft. He battles his less-than-ideal mechanics a lot—just watch for inconsistency in his landing spot—leaving him with subpar command and control, and has lacked an adequate third pitch for most of his development. Many pundits have thrown bullpen projections on him, though the Rays have (understandably) hesitated to transition him to this point.

It’s natural to get excited when a pitcher has this much potential, and the shininess factor makes this a more popular decision than using Roberto Hernandez or Cesar Ramos instead. Still, Romero has his own crooked smile to deal with. There is a chance his raw stuff overwhelms the Orioles’ bats, just as there’s a possibility Joe Maddon will need to piece together five or six innings using a tired bullpen.

On the bright side, Jesse Crain should be around tomorrow if the Frank De Los Santos trade is any indication, and Jeff Beliveau is up and in search of his first appearance again.