Episode 5 of The Podcess Report | The Process Report

Episode 5 of The Podcess Report

Topics: The hot offense, the cold bullpen, Hellickson’s struggles, and the impacts of Johnson and Escobar


  1. mlblogsyossif wrote:

    Do you guys think that Joe Maddon should maybe move Desmond Jennings out of his role as the everyday leadoff batter. I’d like to see maybe Kelly Johnson in that No. 1 hole every so often.

    Although he doesn’t have ideal leadoff hitter speed, he gets on base better, and as you mentioned he does a great job of working counts, which is a key component of a good leadoff hitter.

  2. I think that Jennings should be moved to 9th where he will be affective as the 2nd leadoff hitter until he gets it going, I think he would do well there with less pressure to preform.

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