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ESPN 1040 Insider: The Yankee Way Versus Josh Hamilton

By Tommy Rancel //

In case you missed it, I wrote an article for looking at how Josh Hamilton was being pitched this postseason. Instead of re-posting the entire article, I’ll just focus on the process related aspect, but please check out the original at the link provided.

In the American League Divisional Series, the Rays pitched Hamilton soft. He saw 75 pitches in the series with 52% of them being curves or change-ups. He only saw 41% fastballs throughout the five-game series. The approached worked as the likely AL MVP reached base just four times in the series with none of those coming via an extra-base hit.

In the American League Championship Series, the Yankees have thrown Hamilton 60% fastballs and just 20% curveballs or change-ups. He has reached base 10 times with five of them being extra-base hits including four home runs.

Random variance? Luck? Or did the change in selection really have an impact? Who knows, but it is definitely an interesting look at the different processes used to face Hamilton.

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