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This season marked my 10th writing about the Rays. Turns out that achievement doesn’t impress many folks: I never received a cent or a job opportunity from my Rays material. That isn’t some oddball brag—if anything, it’s an insult to my work and monetizing ability—so much as evidence that my motivation to write about the Rays was internal in nature, borne from my passion for the team.

Unfortunately, that passion is low. The decline started on December 9, 2012 and hasn’t stopped. I gave this season a go, figuring the organizational reboot would help. It didn’t. (If anything, it hurt, since it illuminated the past in a different, unkind light.) As such, I haven’t done much on TPR. We’re nearing August and I’ve wrote four “original” (read: non-news) pieces all year; I used to write four a week.

To get to the point: I’m leaving the site, a few weeks short of the nine-year anniversary of my first article on DRaysBay.

In retrospect, restarting/rejoining TPR in 2011 was a mistake—one I don’t intend to repeat. I’ll still live in the Tampa Bay area and I’ll identify with David more than Goliath, so I’ll continue to hope for the best for the Rays. I just won’t be writing or worrying about them as often as in the past.

Before I go I’d like to thank the readers who put up with my nonsense over the years, and who didn’t complain when the site (and TPR11) were bad. I’d like to thank Josh Frank, who designed the site and countless graphics without compensation. I’d like to thank past and present contributors, including Jason Collette, Joel Kennedy-Ramos, Adam Sobsey, and Bradley Ankrom, wherever you went. I’d also like to thank the players who made watching this team worthwhile over the years—namely James Shields, Ben Zobrist, Joel Peralta, and Evan Longoria.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Tommy Rancel, who I owe a great deal to, both professionally and personally. I had always hoped TPR would end with Tommy getting hired by a team. I guess that’s not going to happen, but ESPN is a pretty good alternative considering where we started.

Thank you all.


  1. Vin wrote:

    Good luck buddy.

  2. Michael wrote:

    sorry to see you leaving and TPR closing up shop as a fan of both your reporting and the rays, i’ll miss your take on my favorite team. not understanding the economics (or, as you imply, the non-economics) of sites like yours, i had no idea that yours has been a labor of love rather than a paying gig you were passionate about. good luck to you professionally and personally – and, thanks!

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