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Final Team & Player Rankings for 2018

I’ll spare you from having to read a whole lot of written words in this series, but you do deserve some background, because you’re so worth it. The team rankings throughout this series will be based on my twOBA* research with this serving as a good enough primer. This batch considers data over the entirety of the season. I would highly recommend opening some of these images in a new tab for an easier viewing experience. Also, I have restated my exit velocity adjustments to fall in line with what is being seen in 2018 per this good research piece by Jeff Sullivan. Results will appear somewhat altered from previous reports, but this is really a small change in the grand scheme of things. Lastly, as I did last year, over the course of the offseason I will be recapping each team in reverse order of the standings below. As I go deeper I will spend more time looking at more players, but the hope is that fans of all teams can get a better idea of how this year went, and what their club needs to do going forward.

Team Standings

Team Hitting

Team Pitching

Top & Bottom Hitters

Top & Bottom Pitchers


  1. Duhbear wrote:

    Great work. Last year I loved seeing the twOBA vs awOBA trends throughout the season. Any chance you’re planning to put those graphs together again?

    • Jason Hanselman wrote:

      I’m hoping to roll out 1-2 team reviews each week with the Baltimore Orioles coming up first, and relatively soon. I’ll also have a recap at some point to show how the data compares year to year now that I have two full seasons done. Always happy to take requests if there are individual players you would like to see early, but I plan to deep dive on all batters with 300 plate appearances and pitchers with at least 250 batters faced. Exceptions will be made for interesting performances so I’ll break those out, as well. Thank you so much for your kind words and following along. Time is a treasure, but I’m happy to share mine when I can.

  2. Duhbear wrote:

    Hey! Loving the series so far. A target of mine this offseason is Jedd Gyorko in a deal that combines him with either Martinez, Weaver, or both. Gyroko crushes LHP and always has been a solid defender at 3B/2B. I’m also intrigued by his second half, which seems like he made some sort of improvement at the plate (kind of looks like he just stopped swinging out of the zone) before a potential injury (looks like he had a groin injury in late August leading into mid September) in his last month cratered his performance and LA/ EV numbers. Wanted to see what your charts saw as deserved vs. fluff.

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