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Four Rays Make Baseball America’s 32nd Prospect Team

Baseball America recently unveiled its 32nd prospect team, a gathering of scouting reports concerning players good enough to merit consideration but not able to make the handbook. This year four Rays made the 32nd prospect team, including Alex Torres, Granden Goetzman, Damion Carroll (he of the “Hit the leopard” fame), and Roberto Gomez, a relative unknown compared to the rest. The piece is free and is your worth time—as is always the case with BA’s work. Here’s an excerpt from Gomez’s report to serve as click bait:

Gomez has a tall, lanky frame with a live arm. He does a good job of pitching off his 92-93 mph fastball and commands it well to both sides of the plate. His mid-80s slider has a short, sharp break, while his changeup is inconsistent but shows promise.


  1. Jake wrote:

    Hit the Leopard fame? Care to explain that?

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