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Game 10 Lineups & Outlooks

Coming off a series where the Rays faced three of the best pitchers in the American League their task against the incoming Chicago White Sox will be to do anything against the guy who is probably the best pitcher in the League. Sale eviscerates lefties, around 18% better than average, and still manages to be better than average against righties by about 4%. The Rays aren’t exactly throwing chop liver to the wolves tonight with Jake Odorizzi coming off a tremendous first start of the year, and looking to take the steps necessary to become the borderline ace that we all think that he can be.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 3.33.49 PM

The Rays have a fairly balanced lineup until you get to the bottom three, which if you have been following along has been a continuing issue over the past several years despite a focus in 2016 to get something positive from the bottom of the lineup. The White Sox have quite a few slots that you don’t need to worry a whole lot about, but Jose Abreu is a machine, and someone the Rays will need to be very careful with. As we learned in the last series against Cleveland, though, you can stop the primary threats and still get swarmed by the secondaries. Let’s see some good pitching keep us in the game and hope the bats can do enough. As if Sale wasn’t good enough they also have a very good pen with Zach Duke getting the lefties with Nate Jones getting the righties. Ninth inning comebacks will be few and far between with David Robertson their closer.

This is basically a coin flip game and the odds are little more sour on the Rays than the White Sox. Not enough to consider it a strong play, but there is a very small edge.

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