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Game 11 Lineups and Outlooks

I TOLD you guys and gals that Chris Sale was kind of good. He was on top of his game yesterday, and he needed every bit of it, because Jake Odorizzi was with him pitch for pitch from the get go. After yielding to Xavier Cedeno, who went 1-2-3, it came down to Alex Colome in the 9th. The White Sox scratched out the winning run and despite some Brandon Guyer near-heroics in the bottom of the ninth they came out on top of this true pitcher’s duel. Today should be a little different. John Danks isn’t great. He isn’t even all that good. For the second time this year the Rays will face a below average pitcher, and he’s a lefty to boot. The Rays feasted on lefties last year, but this will be only the third time they will see one in 2016.

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For a time, the Rays went with a lefty-heavy lineup versus Danks in an effort to reduce the effectiveness of his pretty good change up. It would appear that time is over. Brad Miller is a little bit of a surprise, but with Logan Forsythe and Kevin Kiermaier getting at least a day to recover from yesterday’s collision it’s kind of an all hands on deck situation. Hence Guyer in centerfield. This is a lineup we probably won’t see too often, but they match up pretty well with Danks. Erasmo may be getting the start, but this could be a bullpen day with him not being stretched all the way out. Look for three innings from Erasmo and then a cavalcade of relievers to follow. The tool really likes the Rays, but with the defensive weirdness and the bullpen effect I’d probably stay away from this game. Hopefully, this will be a breakout day for the Rays sticks, who have had such a very tough row to hoe to this point.

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