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Game #126 Lineups and Outlook

In a rare instance it was worth sticking around for the end of the Rays game last night as a late Longo dongo tied it up in the 8th to set the stage for an extra innings victory. The win ran their overtime record to 3-2 and nudged their horrendous one-run game record up to 9-19. There’s certainly an element of luck there, but you can’t help but wonder if a better bullpen might have turned five or more of those losses into wins, though that wouldn’t do much for the team’s playoff hopes. Still, nice to see the Rays play spoiler against such a terrible team.

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Unfortunately, I again see the Red Sox as a heavy favorite, even more so than the gamblers, making them a solid value play today. Part of this is due to the Rays batting three lefties, whom Pomeranz particularly excels against, but a good portion is also thanks to Jake Odorizzi’s reverse splits. The Red Sox have multiple very good right-handed hitters, which could spell trouble for Jake. It would seem he has been using both sides of the plate better of late, and he’ll need to continue that today as the ball-strikers for the Sox are good enough to flip outside pitches into rightfield all day long.

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The Rays have re-promoted Tyler Sturdevant at the expense of Richie Shaffer so they’ll be down a man on the bench. It comes as a good time as the walking wounded have started to heal a little bit making the shorter bench a viable reality. The Red Sox will be dealing with their own case of this issue as Benintendi left the game early yesterday after tweaking his ankle on an incredibly dumb rookie play. Their advantage in the pen will continue meaning the Rays will be best served by getting on the board early and hanging on if they hope to win.

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