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Game #129 Lineups and Outlook

Snell got mauled by a good lineup yesterday, but the comebacker off his shin might be the real devil. It didn’t look too bad, maybe a bruise, but with the Rays luck he’ll end up with a hairline fracture that requires him to miss the rest of the season. I’d probably look to skip his next start to give it a little more time to heal so that it is less likely to deteriorate, which also gives him a chance to gather his strength for the last handful of starts on the season. It would also give someone else an opportunity to perhaps show what they have in a low leverage start. Maybe a guy like Jacob Faria who is already on the 40 man. Even more likely is that it allows the team to get Cobb a start without having to bump anyone else.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.49.55 AM

I think there is a little bit of value going with the Astros today, but it’s pretty thin. Both the system and the gamblers see them as a slight favorite. Sounds like us fans are in for a treat today. The nicest thing about this lineup is that Mr. Kevin Cash finely saw fit to let the lefties go eat. four of the first six batters are unorthodox with Longoria and Duffy being the two righties who should be mostly fine against Fister.

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I see the Rays being better through the starters, but that Astros bullpen that was on full display yesterday is really good. The pen puts them over the top, for me. The Rays have a couple of professional hitters from either side on the bench. Plus Bobby Wilson. Gattis represents the homer threat on theirs, but being the backup catcher has got to make them reluctant to use him. Kemp and Hernandez can hit a little, though both had rough plays in the field yesterday where it looked like they lost the ball.

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