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Game #136 Lineups and Outlook

With expanded rosters in September the model becomes a little less useful, because there’s no real practical way to incorporate the huge benches and bullpens that you see this time of year. I think it’s still pretty solid in this form, but that little bit of extra information has now been squeezed out. From here on out all Rays outlooks will be based on the starting players only.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.01.33 AM

Vegas is pretty well undecided what to make of today’s game that starts at 1:10 eastern time. They’re giving the Rays the slight edge, probably solely due to homefield advantage, but the model goes a little further and sees the Rays as a moderate favorite today. The biggest reason is due to Ubaldo Jimenez just being completely unable to get anybody out right now. Yes, Matt Andriese is having is own issues, but Jimenez is on another plane right now. Additionally, the Rays may have found some guys that can actually hit in this lineup. I’d expect some fireworks today with the Rays hopefully pulling it out before it’s all said and done.


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