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Game #137 Lineups and Outlook

Yesterday’s result was pretty predictable as I pointed out. The twist was that nobody saw Ubaldo Jimenez figuring it out after giving up three in the first. The runs? Those make sense, but he was able to finish the game without giving up another. The Rays went on autopilot directly into the mountain. Longo left as a precaution, but I bet his hand is fine after getting grazed. Matt Duffy had to come in and will get the start today despite rumors that he would miss the rest of the season for surgery. #jounralism The thing I don’t get is that if it’s bad enough that it requires surgery why is he still playing? I would think rest would be sufficient, and he’ll be getting plenty of that very soon. I don’t have the GUTS, though, to call myself some sort of injury expert.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.09.46 PM

I see the Orioles as a moderate favorite today, while the gamblers go the other way completely. It’s rare to see an edge this large so I often like to double down. The reason is pretty obvious as the starters are coming from each edge of the extreme. Gallardo has been pretty lousy and Odorizzi has been one of the best pitchers in baseball since the All Star Break. Well, coming into yesterday Ubaldo looked like one of the worst pitchers and look how that ended. No doubt, Jake has been very good, but this is a lineup of mashers, and I’d expect them to get theirs before it’s over and done with.


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