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Game 15 Lineups and Outlooks

The sooner we forget about last night the better. Chris Archer continues to struggle putting his fastball where he wants, particularly first pitch, which is forcing him to come into the zone with his money slider. I have full confidence that a hard worker and a genius mentor can get it figured out, but for now it is hard to watch. The bats didn’t help out a whole lot despite another outstanding effort from Corey Dickerson. On to the next one.

Rays 4-21

I have the Red Sox as a pretty heavy favorite today, which agrees with what Vegas is seeing. The Rays are facing the very definition of an ace in David Price, but the game will come down to just taking what he gives you. Price makes it no secret that righties can flip his outer third cutters and fastballs into rightfield, but that becomes difficult when he’s also able to throw enough strikes inside. He is really good. The Rays have their own ace going today, but he presents as a poor matchup for nearly all of the top five hitters in their lineup. Skirting damage against Mookie Betts, David Ortiz and Hanley Ramirez will be vital, but so will crushing the weaker links in the chain. If the bottom half of the lineup does very little then the Rays have a good chance to taking this game. Yield production to them and you can pretty much right this one off before the bell.

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