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Game 16 Lineups and Outlook

I would be humbled if you would take a look at my recap of this past series where we kicked the ever-loving shit out of the Boston Red Sox. However, and to paraphrase a wise man, “Mourn a loss for 30 minutes, and do the same for a win.” Alas, we must move on to the next one where we find the Rays heading into the city that never sleeps to take on the New York Yankees.

Tonight’s bout features a couple of southpaws you should be quite familiar with. The young, up-and-comer has shown a ton of fight to get back from a serious injury. His last few rounds have gone very well and he seems to only be gaining steam. Moore has shown the ability to command all three of his pitches, which effectively turns his breaking ball into two different pitches. When he wants to steal a strike he’ll throw the bigger breaker and when he wants a chase he can tighten it up to dive below the zone. This is what he looked like before playing through the injury that ultimately needed surgery. I’m happy for Matty and hope the success keeps coming. As long as he can command the fastball he’s going to continue to give rock star performances. Playing the part of the old bull will be CC Sabathia. Things haven’t gone well for him for a while now, but we said the same last year only to watch him deliver two solid games against us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.21.24 PM

I’m pretty interested to see Big Swingin’ Dickerson out there batting cleanup even though he has been heavily platooned this year. The matchup tool doesn’t think much of him, but I could easily see him running into one or two tonight. The Yanks have a couple of hot spots, and the park does no favors, but there is no question that the Rays have faced better lineups this year. The tool sees the Rays as a razor-thin favorite and Vegas is pretty much in agreement.

On a different note, I just want to commend the Rays for bringing up Blake Snell for this spot start tomorrow. After some early success in Durham he is being given the chance to make his Major League debut in the replica of a cathedral. I’ve thought for a long time that we might have a real weapon if we could go into New York and roll three lefties like we’ve got in Moore, Snell and Smyly. Here’s hoping that the Rays can keep winning series. Win this one and that’s three in a row. It’s called a streak. It has happened before.

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