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Game 17 Lineups and Outlook

With Ellsbury’s steal of home last night it felt a little like the Yankees stole the game. The Rays did not hurt for chances, but were unable to cash in leaving a raft of gents aboard instead of bringing them in to score. Here’s today’s matchup:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.51.12 PM

The Yanks look like heavy favorites today, but the price is a little nice to roll the dice on the Rays if you’re feeling inclined. Teix and ARod are the guys to work around, but don’t let McCann or Gardner take you deep either. For those wondering, the Rays did not trade for Steven Matz. Get excited because today is the debut of heralded prospect Blake Snell. I used Matz as a stand in, but we really have no idea what to expect. For that alone there is a ton of risk if you’re feeling frisky today.

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