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Game 19 Lineups and Outlook

The Tampa Bay Rays return to the cozy confines of Tropicana Field this evening to start a series with the Baltimore Orioles. This past road trip saw the team split six games with their division rivals, but the leader of the pack comes a callin’ this evening to take on the Rays number one starter Chris Archer. Squaring off for the Orioles will be Kevin Gausman who is making his season debut after a bout of shoulder tendinitis. You’re a fool if you think you have any idea what he has in store for the Rays this evening. Let’s prognosticate anyway!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.46.23 PM

I’m of the opinion that Archie is ready to bounce back at any moment to reel off several good starts in a row, but I’m kind of a minority in that regard as very smart people like Doug Thorburn and Jeff Sullivan see some things to strongly dislike. The system agrees, but the system doesn’t way recent activity much differently than career so there’s a good chance it’s missing something. For that reason I would stay away from Archer starts until we get a better idea of which Archer is which. Pitching around Chris Davis can only help.

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