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Game 2 Lineups and Outlook

Opening Day left a little to be desired as Chris Archer was slow to ease into the game, while Marcus Stroman had no such issues. Archie pulled it together in fantastic fashion, but the damage was done early and the insurance was cashed in when Troy Tulowitzki took Ryan Webb deep in his second inning of work. A late rally fell short, though it was nice to see Corey “Big Swingin” Dickerson lambaste one of the few mistakes from Stroman.

Today’s game features exactly the same lineups with some catcher switcheroo to go with the new starters. Everyone knows about R.A. Dickey. He is what he is and sometimes, especially in domes, that thing he is is fantastic. He’ll square off against Drew Smyly who is less well known to the casual fan, but those with a more discerning eye appreciate his craftsmanship in an era where all they want to know is your velo. Smyly can make the ball dance as he works in, out, up and down throwing a slew of cutters, sliders and curves that are all at different speeds with different shapes. If you key on the slop he’ll get you with the hop as his fastball has some of the best rise in the game. This is a cat that understands spin as well as anyone. He’ll have his mettle tested today against one of the best lineups in baseball that actually has a very soft stomach today.

Rays 4-4

Like yesterday, Vegas is so good that it’s too close to take a position. Today’s game will revolve around avoiding too much damage from 2-5 (duh), but also not giving away outs when the freebies are presented. I like the Rays chances if they can keep the bottom of the order to an 0-10 sight unseen of what the boppers do.

Also interesting is the clash here between the Rays trying to hide all holes in the lineup without the upside that the Jays have, but also less of the downturn. This is a classic matchup between depth and stars/scrubs.

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