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Game 20 Lineups and Outlook

Finally, the Arch has returned. Collette has some nice nuggs for you so go check that out, but from a personal standpoint it was incredible to see Chris Archer back to what we expect. It is debateable whether or not the Rays have the best rotation in baseball, but an ineffective Archer closes the book on the affirmative. With their horse back, at least for one night, Rays fans can get excited about what the future holds.

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Jake Odorizzi gets the ball tonight in opposition of the Orioles (best pitcher?) Ubaldo Jimenez. The Rays look like a strong favorite tonight and might even be a sneaky play if that’s your bag. Manny Machado and Chris Davis will provide the primary threats, but don’t sleep on Trumbo who can ruin your night in one swing. One thing to watch for is how effective Adam Jones will be. Late in yesterday’s game he took a big cut that seemed to bother his rib/oblique injury from earlier in the season. I think he is currently playing through considerable pain so count your blessings that a very good hitter isn’t one hundred percent. On the Rays side we see a balanced lineup that is becoming something of the usual at this point. The Rays don’t usually have that obscene slugger that can take over a series, but they’re very good top to bottom with few holes. More so when they’re getting anything out of the nine-hole. Here’s hoping we see more of the Curt Casali that cashed in our only runs yesterday.

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