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Game 22 Lineups and Outlooks

Your couch may have enjoyed the day off yesterday, but get ready to break that puppy in because we’ve got some Rays baseball again tonight. I hope you took the time to at least skim through what I put together in this morning’s post, which should give you a good idea of how the roster is playing so far. Tampa Bay will welcome the Toronto Blue Jays tonight in a rematch of their opening weekend series. The Jays haven’t been playing their best ball, but they have also found a way to lose a few of those in astonishing fashion. This one was probably my favorite:

That’s a walkoff unlike any I have ever seen. I would expect these guys to come in hangry and ready to take this series from the Rays so we will need the offense to get going and the arms to continue to be very, very good.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.50.03 PM

In his brief career Aaron Sanchez has been, to quote Ja Rule, murdaaaaarhh against his fellow righties. Knowing this makes for an odd time to start Guyer over Jennings and then flip that fifth slot in the lineup with Steven Souza. Make no mistake I have advocated for this pretty hard in the last week plus, but I hope you don’t just the merits of this switch based solely on today’s poor matchups. We’re going to need our lefties to do work and just try to get anything out of our righties who don’t need any help sucking against same-handers. The Jays boast that ridiculous 2-3-4 of their lineup that even a very good pitcher like Drew Smyly will need to be careful with. Work around those guys and get everyone else and this becomes a game the Rays can win. Fail in either respect and it gets a lot tougher, because I just don’t see us doing much against Cy Sanchez.

The model sees the Blue Jays as a heavy favorite today with Vegas disagreeing. This seems like an excellent arbitrage opportunity if you don’t mind selling yourself on the merits of a reverse jinx.

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