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Game 27 Lineups and Outlooks

With the terribad news about Garrett Richards needing Tommy John surgery the Angels are left with what should be essentially a bullpen day as your Tampa Bay Rays head out West for the first time this year. Personally, I love West Coast roadtrips. Dewayne and BA get a little more silly, and who doesn’t like staying up watching baseball all night? Cowards. That’s who. Since this will be a bullpen day for the Angels I wanted to mix it up a bit from the norm. Let’s start with something familiar and go from there:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.08.58 PM

I see the Rays as a healthy favorite tonight under the assumption here that Rasmus would pitch three times through. I think that is unlikely even if I’ve seen him as a nice relief option for a few years. As such, we would need to look at the relievers. Here’s a look at how everything projects based on batter and pitcher matchups. Additionally, I have penalized the guys that will start the game on the bench:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.07.00 PM

I’m not going to convert this to runs. We just don’t have enough information to know who will face whom, but this at least gives a you some expectations for each matchup. Note that I have flipped the color scheme for our bullpen so that in all instances we want green and not red.


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