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Game 28 Lineups and Outlook

While last night featured moments of elation we, as fans, all saw plenty of the things that leave us so frustrated at times. Sure, the team left a ton of runners on base, but they also did get the big hit as Corey Dickerson’s no-doubt home run was all the Rays needed to beat the Angels. Baseball is a frustrating game. The best players in the game fail seven out of ten times regardless of a guy being on base or in scoring position or nowhere to be found. That means you’re going to see a lot of failure. Try not to let it make you bitter to the moments of success, though. There have been plenty of those this year.

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Last night was a de facto bullpen day for the Angels as Cory Rasmus made the emergency start for the seriously injured Garrett Richards. Tonight could turn into a similar scenario. Jered Weaver has enjoyed quite a bit of success in his nearly half a season (319 PA) versus the Tampa Bay Rays yielding a line of .222/.286/410. Like most of us, Weaver is no longer what he once was. It is likely that nearly every single player on the Rays can throw harder than Weaver. Doesn’t matter. The way he changes speeds, arm angles, pitch location and type could spell trouble for a Rays offense that has been very boom or bust. I’m a bit nervous about this one, though the tool sees the Rays winning this one around 55% of the time.

Of course Jake Odorizzi knows about Mike Trout, whom looks like the only serious threat against us, but a lot will depend on what kind of stuff Hodor has tonight. In his best starts he has had the feel for several pitches, which allows him to dance in and out of the zone. In his worst starts he has lacked the confidence to steal strikes in the zone, which has forced him to pitch from behind. A tough task for any starter. Dickerson and Kiermaier look like our strongest offensive plays today, but they are joined by several guys that should look like average or better hitters against Weaver. Here’s looking forward to a vintage Hodor start while the offense burns the countryside to the ground.


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