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Game 32 Lineups and Outlook

The majestic power was on full display last night, but unfortunately those other guys can also hit it out. Dae-Ho Lee provided the backbreaker with his three-run shot, but the Rays kept the score tighter than it probably felt well into the end. They couldn’t quite claw back, but we flush that one and move on to the next where we find Chris Archer and Taijuan Walker both presenting a bit of a mystery.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.08.02 PM

The system is probably a little high on Archie as he hasn’t quite looked as good as the rest of his career would lead you to believe, and I think Taijuan Walker is getting a bit of that treatment in the opposite direction. Tai is off to a very strong start this year, especially if you’re willing to chalk up his last clunker to some neck spasms that seem to have improved. Eno found one weird thing that he is doing to steal strikes and it’s worth your time. Maybe the aggressive approach of the Rays neutralizes that a bit or maybe they just swing through it anyway, who knows. With our first righty going this series they get to take the tarp off of Adam Lind and Seth Smith. Two guys that can hit for both average and power as long as the pitcher throws right-handed. We will need to be careful with these guys as well as Cano and Seager and Marte and all the other guys that make up a very solid opposition lineup.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.05.34 PM

I hope you have joined me in consulting the bullpen report once the late innings roll around. It seemed to line up pretty well with managerial moves the last couple of nights so I hope this is something that you find useful or at the least something to start a dialogue. I mean who doesn’t love ripping managers over the most small or petty things, am I right?

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