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Game 42 Lineups and Outlook

The Rays face the only team that can claim to be further south than themselves for the next week with the first half of these games coming down in Miami. The city that never, errm, bathes, I guess. Matt Moore will be toeing the hell out of the bump with his opponent Wei-Yin Chen doing the same for the Marlins. Chen has pretty large splits between lefty same-handers and the opposite-handed righties that make up the majority of batters. Hence:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.22.11 PM

…a lineup that is chockfull of right-handers and another on the bench, to boot, in Desmond Jennings. The system likes the Rays by a solid margin today, which seems to fly in the face of Vegas who sees the Marlins as the slight favorite. Moore presents a tough matchup for many of their hitters, but there is one that you absolutely need to be careful with, slump or no slump. Giancarlo Stanton can turn a game around even faster than he can do the same to a fastball, but he has shown an inability to stay within his zone of late. The hope here needs to be that the Rays don’t have to throw him anything in the zone allowing the big man to get himself out.

The Rays hitters look to have several good matchups in the upper half of their lineup before we get to some of the weaker links. Rays your hand (kill me) if you thought that at some point the .500 Rays would be running out a lineup that featured Mahtook, Beckham and Mooter, but here we are. All of those guys can hit lefties, so while the long term fortunes of the team grow more dim as the players flow closer to replacement level, today should at least yield some fireworks. My money is on the Rays to pick themselves off the mat and keep this from becoming an official losing streak.

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