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Game 43 Lineups and Outlook

You should really check out my bullpen piece from earlier in the day, but now we must carry on my wayward sons and daughters, because today brings the dayest of day games with a 12:10 start. The Rays continue to fight their arch-rivals, the Miami Marlins, in what can only be described as the Citrus Showdown. It’s apt seeing as the Rays need some sort of high-powered astringent to get that awful taste out of their mouths from yesterday’s latest setback:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.18.34 AM

I’ve got the Rays as a very slim favorite today at just over 51%, but it looks like Vegas is a little bit more eager leading to me staying away today. Odorizzi should give the Rays hope as Giancarlo Stanton is the only batter that should strike fear in his heart. Christian Yelich’s back issues leave him out of the lineup depriving the Marlins of one of their best players. Good for the Rays who do not feature an overwhelming stud, but do have some capable options. It will require the entire lineup pulling in the same direction today if the team hopes to win.

Both teams used a ton of relievers yesterday and it’s something of a getaway day so I’d expect a ton of strikes from these pitchers, which could lead to better than expected offense both ways. The Rays can’t wait to get back home after this game, but there is work still to be done.

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