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Game 46 Lineups and Outlook

The best way to break out of a slide is to go take some games from a divisional rival. It is the easiest way for the Rays to dig themselves out of the basement of the American League East, and it starts today with as the New York Yankees stroll into town looking as smug and smarmy as ever. Well, maybe not. They’re a half game ahead of the Rays after a recent hot stretch fizzled out. Winning this series will vault the Rays over the Yanks and potentially even the Rays with the Blue Jays back in third. This is a big series. While the gains may not seem so lush, losses here might really start to sour the team.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.25.15 PM

The system likes the Rays by a hair thanks to home field advantage, but Vegas likes the Yanks so it could be a good opportunity, though the edge here is pretty small. The biggest reason the system likes the Rays is because it doesn’t have eyes. With the ability of eyesight the model would know that the Chris Archer we have seen in the past is nothing like the Archie of the RIGHT NOW, as they say. It might not matter facing an aged (a-jed) lineup that will be without the “benefits” of Ser Teixeira for the entire series thanks to an INJECTION of STEROIDS. You came for what’s on the lot, but let me show you these beauts we’ve got in the back:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.35.49 PM

You’ll notice firstly that the color schemes are reversed here, but also that the Rays are still carrying an extra reliever to help them during this time of need. Garton followed up a surprisingly effective first inning with a clunker of a second in his debut. Sturdevant saw similar rude treatment the more the opposition got to see him. These guys are not the answer, but they were able to let the team rest up their studs to prepare for this yuuuge series.

The back of that Yankee pen is a nightmare. It will be imperative to keep them off the board so that Mr. Girardi will feel compelled to go with his own lesser lights. Their pen is similar to the Rays, in that, there is a soft underbelly waiting to be clawed open, but the Yankee studs are just so good. Both Chapman and Miller come from the left side and Betances from the right, but it doesn’t really matter. Each of them can get out both types of batters, and you better think small ball, because they can all run up the K count.


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