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Game 47 Lineups and Outlook

If you feel like the tub is circling the drain you’re not alone. Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Rays further proved that they have no idea what to do with Masahiro Tanaka. In five starts the completely average looking Tanaka has yielded a triple-slash of .192/.202/.333 completely flummoxing the Rays while compiling 29 strikeouts to merely two walks. Today, the Rays will welcome Michael Pineda to the Trop who has enjoyed mixed success against our boys. His last start gave a glimpse of the type of power-driven offense this team brings to the table. The Rays will need every ounce of it today with Matt Moore hoping to find a way to contribute effectiveness, but also some length.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.34.35 PM

Chris Archer looked better last night against a lineup that is one of the worst in the league so while I temper my enthusiasm to proclaim, “HE’S FIXED” it was nice to see him pitch deep into the game giving the studs of the bullpen another day off and the lesser thans a chance to catch their breath. Like an old Buick stuck in the sand this team just needs to find some traction so that it can get back on the road to put down some miles. Hope is not lost, but it is beginning to fade.

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On the bright side, the Rays were able to force the Yanks to use both Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman last night. While Miller was coming off of a long rest period you cannot say the same for Chapman who pitched the preceding evening. The Yankees have stated that they won’t use any of their big three for three games in a row, which means that Chapman should not make an appearance today. Unfortunately, a rested Dellin Betances is ready to stand in his stead. You can slay all the vampires you want, but it means little if you don’t kill the head vampire. Get after Pineda early so that they have to go with their worse guys and then hope to put the game out of reach.


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