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Game 49 Lineups and Outlook

Today’s rubber match comes courtesy of the powerful offense yesterday that sent Michael Pineda packing early. Matt Moore was better, but it came against one of the worst hitting teams in the game against lefties so it’s difficult to get too excited. The shitpen showed up again forcing Alex Colome to have to get hot and go the ninth. It could have gone better, but they don’t all have to be pretty. The win sets the team up for a chance to take the series and relegate the Yankees back to the basement in the process.

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I have the Rays as a solid favorite today even if Vegas disagrees. The system is pretty hot right now, though that means very little when it comes to the luck and vagaries of run scoring in the modern Major League Baseball. Our lefties look forward to good matchups today, though this is offset by the bottom two hitters not expected to do a whole lot. They’ve got Alex Rodriguez as their big threat with few other threats. Taking it easy is the wrong phrase, but Jake shouldn’t have to get too frothy facing the bottom half of this lineup.

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Luis Cessa made up for the short outing from Pineda yesterday, but his four innings leave him unlikely to pitch today. Still, he saved their pen, which should be fully capable of throwing whoever they want out there today. The Rays are in a similar boat, though I bet they would be leery to throw Enigmatic Enny Romero out there after yesterday’s quiz show. In a tight game like this with starters that can be either very good or pretty mediocre you have to think the bullpen will play a role. While the Rays should be able to roll out the cannon boys and steal us some wine, they really only need five innings from Eovaldi before turning it over to their three-headed monster. Should be a fun won today, y’all.

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