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Game 55 Lineups and Outlook

For the first time in approximately six years the Rays won a baseball game yesterday. It has felt like forever, but the team was able to get it done allowing themselves to win their first series in roughly nine years. For the Rays, Matt Andriese will be the wagon upon which the team will hope to affix their biscuit wheels. He’ll be facing Ervin Santana.

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I see the Rays as a stronger favorite than Vegas for this one so that’s where I would be putting my pennies. The top of the order is sees several favorable matchups, though the bottom has the potential to be a serious disappointment. Andriese has been mostly very good this season on the back of good performance this year. The system will regress ultra-small sample guys like this, but it adores what Andriese has done to date. If the team can keep Mauer from nickel and diming his way onto the bases and keep Dozier from running into one I like their chances today.

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While the Rays matchup well when looking at the starters I think the Twins bullpen is another area where the Rays have an advantage. Usually. I don’t think either Colome or Ramirez will be available today so the team will really need something from enigmatic Enny Romero, X-man Cedeno and the righty specialists/garbagemen Sturdevant and Garton. Dana Eveland is the glass we hope to never need to break in the event of an emergency. Andriese has done well to pitch efficiently allowing himself to pitch deep into games. The team could use another one of those performances today.

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