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Game 59 Lineups and Outlook

Apologies in full for the lack of a preview yesterday. Sometimes life gets in the way of our hobbies. The team was smart to use the day to get some guys the rest they need on this brutal stretch of 27 games in 27 days. Furthermore, with Moore going seven innings the team was able to get rest for their stud relievers, as well. You don’t want to punt too many games, but this was an excellent opportunity to rest guys on a day they weren’t likely to win anyway. Of course, that means that today represents the rubber match out in the desert, which will feature the Rays throwing Jake Odorizzi against the post-hype prospect Archie Bradley for the Diamondbacks.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.48.58 PM

While Vegas sees this as an even match the system thinks the Diamondbacks are a slight favorite representing a chance at some arbitrage. Bradley has been thoroughly inconsistent as a starter struggling to find the zone most nights until his last start, which was also his first back from a minor league stint that he used to work on some things. He was electric his last time out and could represent a tough matchup for the Rays righties. Or he could look like every other start in his career where he wasn’t very good. The system will go with the bulk of the work leaving several tasty delights at the top of the order. It gets worse from there, however.

Odorizzi will have his hands full with Goldschmidt and Peralta, but should hold the edge in most of the other matchups. A day game at Coors Light could lead to fireworks today, but Odorizzi has shown that he’d rather yield a walk than give in and groove one. That’s fine as long as you keep the next guy in the yard, but it gives us something to watch as fans. I think the Rays have a good chance at a win today, but they’ll need to limit the mistakes to make up for the slightly worse matchup expectation.

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