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Game 6 Lineups and Outlooks

The Orioles were eager to trade their #5 for our #2 yesterday as an obvious rain out came down to a late call for postponement. They have to feel like they are riding high coming into this game after that little ruse and the drubbing they delivered in the first game. Chris Archer gave up four dingers with all of them being no doubters on a cooooold night. You’ll have to forgive the Rays if they feel less than charmed and ready to get back home with a day off to boot.

Rays 4-10

This is a pretty close matchup that will that will come down to the ability of the Rays to limit the damage from the top of their order. Deal with Macho and Crush and the rest of those guys are a lot less inspiring. On the Rays side we have Corey Dickerson with a pretty good matchup against Worley. It would be nice to see him look to use all fields as he looks a little pull-heavy right now. It will be fun to watch him adjust as pitchers search deeply for a way to beat him.

The rest of the lineup is very balanced with no great strength, but little weakness. This has been kind of a theme this year for the Rays. Their depth is ever-present as they can run average to above guys out there every single day, but we’ve also seen them fail to have that top-end player that can matchup to the bevy of superstars we have already faced.

If there is any edge to be had it would be in favor of the O’s, but that’s pretty small and not something I would be looking to take a run at.

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