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Game #62 Lineups and Outlook

The Rays train just keeps on rolling. Choo f’n Choo. After taking their third straight series the team looks to stay fast on the rails with the Seattle Mariners coming to town. These aren’t your older sister’s Mariners as this bunch can really hit the long ball rivaling even this vaunted offense for tops in the league. They can run a bit, too, which could be an issue for the Rays who have struggled to limit transgressions by the opposition on the bases. Here is what tonight looks like:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.40.22 PM

The Rays look to have a very large edge today as the system sees them with a 63.1% chance of winning with Vegas only sitting at 52.6%. Gaps this large are pretty rare so when they happen you should take advantage even though it is hardly a guarantee of a victory. The system sees Taijuan Walker as showing a bit of a reverse split that sees him as below average against both righties and lefties. It does not know that he has brief flashes of being one of the best pitchers in the league. Hopefully, those do not show up today.

Jake Odorizzi also shows a reverse split, but expects him to be around average against righties and significantly better than that against lefties. The very best hitters for the M’s, other than Nelson Cruz, all happen to be left-handed so you can see why the system is so high on Jake in tonight’s affair. He will need to work into a rhythm early as the starts of his games have been a weakness this year. Once he settles in he is very tough to beat, but sometimes that early stuff is all it takes.


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.53.46 PM

With Blake Snell (finally) getting the call back up on Thursday the team is able to carry the extra reliever without having to lose a man on the bench. This will change once the call up occurs so get your Garton or Eveland shirseys while you can. On their side we can see that Cishek and Benoit are very tough relievers with the former being better against righties and the latter crushing all comers. Nuno and Montgomery are the lefties that can provide length if necessary, while Vincent should only be used credibly as a ROOGY. I think the Rays hold the edge on arms, but the team will need to be careful with Dae-Ho Lee, the power threat, and former farmhand Sean O’Malley who can really stick and move.

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