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Game #66 Lineups and Outlook

The Rays brought the crowd yesterday evening for Pride Night with the largest crowd since the 2010 playoffs, and while the team lost it still felt like a big win for humanity. Today will showcase Matt Moore taking on former Rays farmhand Albert Suarez who has turned into something of a half decent starter with the Giants. They’re probably only hoping for a five and dive from the guy, but Bochy’s bullpen got the night off yesterday with Jeff Samardzija going the distance so he’ll have whoever he wants whenever he wants.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.38.42 PM

Both the system and Vegas like the Rays today by a healthy margin today, but I’ll be staying away as there isn’t much of an edge. Buster Posey looks like the biggest threat for Moore, but he will need to keep the ball in the yard and limit mistakes to the other very fine hitters if he wants a chance at the win. Our bats match up a little bit better versus Suarez, but he may only see the lineup twice so I’m not sure that third time through the order will be as beneficial as normal.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.39.44 PM

Which brings us to the bullpens. The Giants continue to trade a bat for an arm, and I’d guess we see several today. It will be imperative that Mr. Cash does a good job of knowing when to substitute and when to keep his fingers out of the pot. I’d expect the all-righty bench to get used thoroughly if the game is tight meaning that each of these guys needs to be ready to go despite starting on the bench. I think the Rays have a good shot at this one, but they’re going to have to execute all three phases if they hope to beat what is a really good team that is also one of the best well-run in the league.

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