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Game 7 Lineups and Outlooks

For the first time this year the Rays will not be playing a prolific offense. Hooray! Not so fast. They can really pitch. The Rays will face their top-3 this series with the headliner, Corey Kluber, slated to toe the bump this evening. Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar will follow, but we’ll deal with them in their own time. Kluber is really good and the kind of pitcher that seems to tear the Rays apart. He throws excellent secondary offerings and he will go to that well often. Then sneak a well-located fastball by you. Then wave as you solemnly walk back to the dugout.

The Rays will counter with Matt Moore. Moore showed so much to drool about in his last, his first, start of the season. All three pitches were going where they needed and he was making grown men look like little sniveling babies. Then he gave up a scratch single, hit the ninth batter, got the leadoff and then gave up a three run bomb to Josh Donaldson. He mostly settled in after that to give five total, and kept the Rays in the game, which they went on to win. Here is today’s matchups:

Rays 4-12

Another game where Dickerson looks like our best bat with lots of bad options all around him. This is a good time that Corey Kluber is around 13% better against righties than the average. He’s really good. Like, really good. Their lineup is more solid than spectacular, but Mike Napoli can still mash lefties and Carlos Santana will always give you a tough at bat, in which, the count goes full and you either walk him or strike him out. That’s why they call him Ol’ Two Outcomes. The Indians have the slight edge out there in the dirty, but it’s pretty close.

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