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Game #75 Lineups and Outlook

The Rays head home after their disastrous road trip, but coming with them will be the never ending losing streak. Currently at eleven, but this thing could reach heights rarely seen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.52.08 PM

Somehow, someway, the gamblers actually have the Rays as sliiim favorite today. The model disagrees enough that it might be worth pursuing, but I guess I can see the thinking a little bit. Rodriguez hasn’t impressed going back prior to his knee injury to how he performed last season and has done little to change that opinion since his return. Snell has quietly pitched pretty well and is becoming must see TV as the urge to watch every single game starts to wane some. Furthermore, the Red Sox top of the lineup is pretty familiar, but the bottom of the order and bench (below) leave a lot to be desired. Brentz is new, but seems to be a real threat to lefties. Miss good if you must at all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.49.36 PM

Mike Miller is the name of my uncle. Apparently the Red Sox needed him. Their pen has been shaky with Kimbrel and Tazawa being the most reliable arms. Layne and Ross are the lefties who will be call upon later once Mr. Kevin Cash gets into his bench, which features several nice options if he can get them matched up with a righty.

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