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Game #78 Lineups and Outlook

The Rays come of a fun series where they got to take two of three from the hated, fucking HATED, Red Sox. Now would be a great time to get back to losing so that the team can improve their draft pick for next year and make it a little easier to give up the ghost of this year. They’ll continue that hope this evening against the Texas Rangers and their starter Jordan Zimmermann. Zim was mowing the Rays down in his last start against them before leaving early due to a groin strain. He hasn’t been quite the very good pitcher he was before the injury since his return so the Rays may have a chance to exact some revenge for the last loss to him.

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The Rays will be throwing staff ace(?) Jake Odorizzi who looks to have an easy bottom of the order following a couple of hot spots in the upper half. Miggy is Miggy and he enjoyed a tremendous series a little over a month ago when last these teams met. There are other good hitters in their lineup, but he’s the best. The Rays have a couple of good matchups, but nothing exceedingly strong, though they also lack the depths of a Moya or Salty. Both the model and the gamblers see the Rays as a favorite by a hair, but it’s essentially a coin flip with little opportunity for arbitrage.

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These could be some long games this series as neither bullpen is what you would call a strength. Andriese could be the Rays best reliever this series, but the Tigers have already seen him a little bit, which could offset some of his novelty as he makes his way around the league. The Tigers trade the extra bench spot for an extra arm, but it’s really just a bit more rope for Anibal Sanchez to hang himself with. Unlike Sanchez, Shane Greene’s move to the pen appears to be yielding fruit as he has mostly enjoyed success since the conversion in job titles. There’s some good in K-Rod and Justin Wilson, and Rondon throws hard, but this is a shaky pen. Much like the one the Rays have.

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