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Game 8 Lineups and Outlooks

The Rays rode a gem of a start from Matt Moore with some timely thunder and lightning from Logan Forsythe and Evan Longoria to victory yesterday. Moore battled former Cy Yount winner Corey Kluber who was absolutely at the height of his game yesterday. He mixed a ton of junk around an amorphous zone, but his ability to bust guys inside sets all that crap up.

It was looking bleak for the Rays until a walk to Kevin Kiermaier saw the clouds begin to part. He went on to steal second, but the risk wasn’t worth the reward as Logan Forsythe called down the thunder against Klubot. Kudos to Logan Morrison for working a walk to set the table for Evan Longoria’s second homer of the year. With the insurance delivered it was up to Alex Colome to shut it down in the ninth. He was up to the challenge. Rays win. Here’s today:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.13.05 PM

Again we see the Indians as the favorite and maybe even a sharp play today. If Smyly can limit the damage from Napoli and Santana he could be in for a good start. Carlos Carrasco is just a beast, though. The longball hurt him in his last start, but the Rays don’t offer too many poor matchups for him. Hope for a good start from Smyly and the Rays to run into a couple.

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