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Game #81 Lineups and Outlook

Blake Snell’s start yesterday was everything we could hope for. He pitched reasonably well being able to get the punch out whenever he needed while having his control completely abandon him at times. He wiggled off the hook a couple of times so the runs against look shiny, but here’s an example of a guy that has stuff to work on. AS YOU WOULD EXPECT! HE’S A ROOKIE STARTER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I appreciate a radio crew that refuses to kowtow to the team and sing it’s sugary praises, but I find them particularly scathing when describing a Snell start. Give the kid a break. He has issues to iron out, but please don’t lose flip the main because you don’t like seeing your VCR flash 12:00.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.04.37 AM

The gamblers love the hell out of the Rays today, and the model is even more aggressive. While it tends to over-rate Archie a bit since he is having a down year in a good career it has no such confusion regarding Mike Pelfrey. Big Pelf is not good. His splitter can help him get outs, but he needs to get to it and that requires throwing strikes with his baaaaad fastball. The Rays will need to hit those to beat this dollar drain.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.03.23 AM

The Tigers pen has held up pretty well this series despite being not good all year. It helps when you can mostly use your good guys and not have to dip into the rest. That could end today with Pelf on the mound so I’d expect the Rays to be able to put up some crooked numbers in the later innings. On their own front they got some nice performances yesterday, and I want to single out Ryan Garton for bouncing back from his last disastrous appearance in the blown five-run lead game. He’s an interesting arm that could profile as a free, useful player if he can clean up some things. These are the kinds of guys you hope to uncover in a lost year. Perhaps Oswaldo Arcia is another, and I’m a little surprised he’s missing Big Pelf, but make no mistake he’s not a big league defender anywhere, perhaps even designated hitter.

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