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Game #94 Lineups and Outlook

Despite one of my softball teams losing in the second round of the playoffs the Baseball Gods saw fit to have a long enough rain delay that I got to watch the entire game. Boy, what a game it was. Blake Snell showed all of the promise that has excited so many of us for the past couple of years, in the toughest ballpark in the Show, and the bats did not disappoint. It’s like adding a superstar in Kiermaier and a good player in Pearce is exactly what this team missed so dearly.

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This afternoon we’ll see our own Chris Archer taking on the quietly decent Jorge De La Rosa. JDLR gets zero favors from his park, but has been an ok starting option for the Rockies for several years. The walks and homers are up a bit this year, good news for the Rays, but at his best he gets some strikeouts and induces soft contact. I have several of the righty-heavy Rays in line for a good day, though the bottom of the order leaves much to be desired. The Rockies are more evenly spread out and have the best matchup in the game with Carlos Gonzalez. Limiting him could go a long way.

The System sees the Rockies as the slight favorite, but the gamblers are going in the other direction even a bit more confidently. As such, I’d hue towards Colorado today as this is in my sweetheart spot of model favorite priced as an underdog.

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Lyles saw a ton of action yesterday so I’d imagine the Rockies will be short their longman. That still leaves a handful of good relievers and a couple of right-handed options off the bench. The Rays will continue to roll with the five-man National League bench, but theirs will feature a bunch of lefties to go with the backup catcher, Maile. With no real righty threat on the bench it will be imperative that our guys manage to do anything positive when the opposition counters with McGee or Logan.

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