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Game #95 Lineups and Outlook

Fresh off their first series win in ages the Rays will be able to help their Manifest Destiny by heading West to face one of their primary challengers for the worst record in baseball. The Rays currently lead the Athletics by four and a half games so this is a golden opportunity to drive the stake into the heart of one of the other bad baseball teams out there. Matt Moore will be facing Sonny Gray in a loser leaves town match as the winning team will have 24 hours to trade their pitcher following the conclusion of the game. What excitement!

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I see Oakland as an even bigger favorite than those linesetters out in the desert think. Primarily this is driven by the model remembering Sonny Gray for when he was a boyscout among boys. He maintains the babyface to this very day, but this has been a trying season for the lad as all of his peripherals are running away in the wrong direction like so many scattered gnats on a balmy day. The resurgent Matt Moore will have a couple of potholes to avoid, but if he can do that then there is success to be had today.

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Their pen is still missing the lefty fireballer Sean Doolittle, but they have a raft of guys that can get the job done. Scrabble is the LOOGY, but the guy to watch out for is the excessively used Ryan Dull. There’s a reason they’ve gone to him a ton. He’s pretty good and an excellent fireman in front of the reliable closer Ryan Madson. Hendriks provides the length in leverage and Axford is as three true outcomes as ever.

The Rays counter with not only something resembling a Major League bullpen, but the bench is also starting to show signs of life as several players have made their way back from injury. It’ll be nice to have some professional hitters for those late inning situations when it might matter.

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