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Game-Changer: Brandon Guyer Debuts, Homers

Any big league debut is special, and the Rays have witnessed three over the past week—with Alex Cobb and Brandon Gomes each having their version of a day in the sun. It almost feels like 2008, when the Rays saw Evan Longoria and Jeff Niemann debut within the same series, although to be clear, the talent level was a little higher then. So I suppose it’s only fitting that Brandon Guyer’s first at-bat resulted in a home run—the third time being the charm and all that jazz.

The homer came after Guyer worked himself into a hitters count. He then went down into the zone in order to put the barrel on the ball, and sure enough, struck it well enough to clear the left field fence. Guyer did strike out in his other at-bats, but for the most part, looked like advertised. His plate approach tonight was a combination of discipline and aggression, although he can probably stand to use a little more refining. Then a little of the power showed and the athleticism will flash if he gets a chance to play over the next few days.

By all accounts, Guyer is a good person with strong makeup, so you cannot help but feel good for him to start his major league career with a bang in front of his family and friends. I hope that there will be plenty more reasons for celebration during his time with the Rays.