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Game-Changer: Johnny Damon Singles In Two

Tommy noted that Johnny Damon had taken over the Carlos Pena role earlier today. That’s our way of saying he smiles a lot and has the upbeat personality. It doesn’t hurt that Damon has played a part in the Rays comeback theatrics in two straight games now.

After Reid Brignac looped a single into left field and Sam Fuld lined a double into the gap, Damon stepped to the plate with a chance to give the Rays a lead or a share of the lead for the first time on the night. He singled into center, adding roughly 21.5 percent to the Rays win expectancy.

Unsurprisingly, most of the Rays other big win probability added plays came in the sixth too, with Fuld’s double (.158), B.J. Upton’s double (.117), and Brignac’s single (.045) rounding out the top five. Only Kelly Shoppach’s home run in the seventh prevented a clean sweep, as it finished as the play with the fourth highest WPA.

As for Damon, his contact rates are back up, he is fouling pitches off again, and he is showing off that swing heavily reliant on his upper body. In other words, he is Johnny Damon. On nights like these, that’s not a bad distinction to own.