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Granden Goetzman Signs For Over Slot

Per Jim Callis, Goetzman receives $4,900 more than the MLB recommended slot value of $490,000—or, an extra one percent. There is a part in Jonah Keri’s book, The Extra 2%, that popped into my head when I saw the over slot signing so quickly after the draft:

The first signs of resentment cropped up in 2005, before Sternberg had even completed his buyout of Vince Naimoli and ascended to the role of managing partner. In the third round of that year’s amateur draft, the Devil Rays drafted a high school pitcher named Bryan Morris. A big kid out of Tennessee, Morris had been regarded as a near- elite talent who would require more than third-round money to sign. At first, Tampa Bay was prepared to shell out to get their man. But with the Devil Rays’ sale and ownership transfer pending, Sternberg changed his mind, opting not to go over slot for Morris in an effort to avoid upsetting anyone in the Commissioner’s Office. Tampa Bay passed, Morris went back into the draft the next year, and the Dodgers scooped him up with their first-round pick. When Sternberg watched Henry and the Red Sox pay over slot for several players, both then and looking back at previous years, he felt duped. Why should the rich get richer, he fumed, when he’s taking on one of the toughest rebuilding jobs in sports? When Tampa Bay picked right- hander Alex Cobb in the fourth round of the 2006 draft, Sternberg quickly authorized over- slot money to get him signed. The Commissioner’s Office gave him a tongue- lashing, but Sternberg didn’t care. He wasn’t going to let niceties scuttle his goals again.

The Commissioner’s Office hates, hates, hates teams going over slot, and especially in the early goings. I would guess the Rays get a phone call because of this, but whatever.

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  1. Dan wrote:

    a phone call over five grand? I sure hope not. That’s chump change and close enough.

  2. buddaley wrote:

    This is from
    “The Rays exceeded slot on second round pick Granden Goetzman, signing the prep outfielder for $490K according to Baseball America’s Jim Callis. The Rays went over slot by less than five grand, though, and Callis says teams can exceed slot by up to five percent without going through the commissioner’s office. Goetzman went 75th overall but was actually the Rays’ 11th pick.”

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