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Hak-Ju Lee’s Hot Start Prompts Praise

Hak-Ju Lee is the best shortstop prospect in the system. After a rough statistical showing last season, he’s gotten off to a better start this season. In 10 games the 22-year-old is hitting .412/.512/.647. Jason Parks produced some more words about Lee for Baseball Prospectus today:

What puts Lee on this tier is his overall defensive skill set, which is very fluid and easy, with soft hands, a strong arm, and excellent range. Being a plus-plus runner helps, but Lee shows an aptitude for the position and a quick first step and body control. As a player who profiles as an above average defender at the highest level, any impact with the bat will be gravy, and if Lee can make quality contact against quality pitching, use his legs to put pressure on the defense, and work some walks, he has a chance to reach a first-division ceiling.

There’s nothing groundbreaking here. Lee is a shortstop with three plus tools (speed, glove, and arm) and he’s going to play in the majors. The question is whether Lee’s bat will confine him to the bottom of the order, or if he’ll hit for enough average to buoy his on-base percentage and warrant consideration for one of the top two slots. If Lee embraces the slap-hitter mentality he could earn a big-league cameo before the season’s end.

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