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Harrison & Friedman on Ciuffo & Stanek

The Rays selected Nick Ciuffo (21st overall) and Ryne Stanek (29th overall) in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft. Here are some quotes Scouting Director R.J. Harrison and Executive Vice President Andrew Friedman…

Harrison on Ciuffo:

We like his tools and the chance to be an everyday catcher in the big leagues. He’s athletic behind the plate, he has the good arm. He throws like a catcher. It’s not a long slinging arm action—he looks like a catcher. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that. He’s a strong-bodied kid. He’s got bad speed.

Friedman on Ciuffo:

Developing front-line starting catchers is as difficult of a thing as there is in baseball. We think he is a really good prospect on both sides of the ball. The fact that he’s also a left-handed hitter helps. There are a lot of really good catching prospects that haven’t made it, but the ones that do carry significant value on a major league team. The fact that he also hits left-handed is something that certainly helped the profile.

He certainly has a high motor. He’s a guy that is very animated behind the plate and has a lot of passion. He’s a guy who has a lot of fun playing the game. The road from where he is right now to the big leagues is a long one, and the fact that he seems to love the game as much as he does and has a passion for the game, I think will help.

Harrison on Stanek:

Fastball-slider. He’s got a live fastball. Velocity wise, we’ve seen him up to 97-98 miles an hour. He comes from a couple of different angles. Good life to the fastball. Big slider. He’ll show you a curveball and change. I talked to his pitching coach, who I played with in the Cardinals organization, I called him tonight, shortly before we took him, and said, “Any reason we wouldn’t want to take Ryne?” He said, “Absolutely not, I think his best days are ahead of him.” That made me feel pretty good, because that’s what we’re looking for.

Friedman on Stanek:

I think that’s one of the benefits of taking a college pitcher, is that in theory they can move a little bit faster than we’ve tended to do with some of our high school guys. He has competed in the SEC, two power pitches, a guy that we think can miss bats and be able to move fairly quickly — I guess relatively so; I don’t think we really fast-track anyone, but on a relative scale I think he has a chance to get here pretty quickly

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