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Report: Rays Interested in Heath Bell

From Nick Cafardo:

According to one major league source, the Rays are also interested, and able to offer a good package of young players. But the Rays have to determine over the next two weeks whether they have enough firepower to seriously compete with the Red Sox and Yankees for a playoff spot.

This is not the first time the Rays and Heath Bell have met. Bell was originally drafted by the Rays in 1997 (in the 69th round, much to the enjoyment of the DRaysBay community), and Jason Collette heard whispers about a potential deal for him prior to the 2010 season.

Cafardo concludes that the Rays need to figure out whether they can realistically compete with the Yankees and Red Sox this season, and I think the answer is probably not. However, acquiring Bell still makes some traces of sense because of his Type A designation, which would fetch two draft picks at season’s end, should that form of compensation still exist. Trading for the purpose of acquiring more draft picks isn’t the sexiest of thoughts for those who want to win now, but Bell can help appease the short- and long-term lust for victory and talent in one swoop.

To get a good talent like Bell you have to give up something. Jed Hoyer is the Padres general manager and he came over from Boston. I don’t need to connect the dots here, but I will anyway: Hoyer knows the game and knows how to hustle just like any new or old era general manager. He isn’t slack-jawed and I don’t think he gets ripped off in any trade, so the rosterbation needs to start at fair value. The definitions of fair value can vary based on evaluation methods, team complexions, and payroll limitations, so it’s hard to say just what that might be for the Padres.

For that reason, I won’t speculate too much. I doubt a deal is consummated, as in the end, giving away future wins for present wins when it’s a reliever might not make the most sense for this Rays team, but who knows.

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