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Hellickson Adjusts

Last week, we looked at Jeremy Hellickson’s recent issues in his process pitching to left-handed batters. Specifically, Hellickson was staying away from left-handed batters and focusing his fastball and changeup on the outer half without challenging hitters inside allowing those hitters to zero in on a specific area with comfort.

How did he adjust last night against the Angels?

The first heat map reviews where Hellickson located his fastball and changeups against left-handed batters during his struggles in the month of August.


The pitches are concentrated in a general area with little change of location or eye level.  Now, compare that heat map to the one Hellickson generated last night in his outing against the Angels:



Hellickson worked all four quadrants of the strike zone while changing eye levels and not letting the left-handed hitters zero in on a particular area of the strike zone. You can see some of this in the highlight video, particularly at the 30 second mark and 45 second mark.

One start is not enough of a sample size to declare Hellickson is out of the weeds, but last night’s outing was his best outing since facing the Yankees nearly six weeks ago in terms of both his process and his results.

Maps courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info

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