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Hopefully The Only Evan Longoria Gun Post

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m not going to pass judgment on Evan Longoria or act like I know why he owns a gun. He knows his life, his struggles, and his situations better than anyone else on the planet. Whatever motive he has, I trust it’s a worthwhile one. Lest we forget Longoria isn’t the one in legal hot water, but the cats who burglarized him. That’s how we found out about this –because someone invaded his rental home and took his property. Not because he fired shots or threatened someone.

As you can imagine, such apathy means nothing changes in my opinion of Longoria as ballplayer or whatever established perception I have of him as a person. He’s a private citizen away from the field. This Boston incident did not change that in my estimation, nor did his sexting exploits (I’ll spare the link), and neither does the current one.

I just hope he plays well out of the gates so I don’t have to read folks stretching narratives to small samples.

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