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How The 2001 ALDS Compares

By R.J. Anderson //

Looking at the 2001 ALDS between the A’s and Yankees and the similarities between that series and this one are numerous enough to merit a post.

– The Athletics’ victory in game one was backed by five runs and 10 hits. Just like the Rangers.
– Oakland responded by shutting the Yankees out in game two. Just like the Rangers.
– The Yankees finally got on the board in game three, winning a 1-0 affair with an amazing defensive play in the late stages by their iconic player (well, one of them, in this case Derek Jeter). The Rays had Carl Crawford robbing that one tattooed guy in the eighth before hitting a homer in the ninth. Not a perfect match, but so it goes.
– Game four was a blowout, with the Yankees scoring nine runs on 11 hits and sending Cory Lidle to defeat. The Rays won by three, but the lead certainly felt larger than that.
– Finally, New York won game five 5-3, backed by Roger Clemens and a David Justice home run. The A’s used Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson alike, which seems to match with the Rangers’ plan of using C.J. Wilson in relief of Cliff Lee tonight.

If history indeed repeats itself tonight, the Rays will join the Yankees in the ALCS.

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  1. As a Yankee hater I hope that history *really* repeats itself and the Rays go on to win the ALCS.

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