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In Case of Tie: The Rays Win

By R.J. Anderson //

A quick rundown of the tiebreakers if the Rays and Yankees sit tied at the top of the division come season’s end:

First tiebreaker: Head-to-head (the Rays have a 6-5 record versus the Yankees this season).

Second tiebreaker: Division record (the Rays have played in nine more AL East games and have a 7-2 record in those, with a 37-25 record total, opposing the Yankees’ 30-23 record).

Third tiebreaker: Intraleague games (the Rays have assured themselves a clinch in this category).

In other words: it’s almost impossible that the Rays can take care of business from here on out, end up tied with New York, and fail to win the division through the tiebreaker means. Not that the Rays are going to leave this whole division-winning business up to the tiebreakers.

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  1. wthaatut wrote:

    Fascinating Stuff. I just assumed it’d go to game 163.

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